Our Philosophy

The standard we set for our wines can be described in one word: elegance.

As winemakers, we try to understand the temperament and personality of the vineyards we choose for our wines, searching for the best qualities in the fruit. We are fortunate to be working with a very talented winemaker, consulting on every aspect of the winemaking process. With our love of culinary experiences, the gathering of friends, and enjoying a beautiful bottle of wine, it goes without saying that we would want our wines to be memorable. So when it comes to the winemaking, we strive for structure, balance, and approach-ability, which allows the fruit to shine through.

Winemaking at Brilliant Mistake Wines revolves around this simple goal: to produce an extraordinary wine. Our winemaking team is determined to source the best fruit from some of the most renowned AVA’s and practices careful winemaking to allow the wine to develop its full potential. Each cluster of Brilliant Mistake grapes is hand-harvested and hand-sorted by our team. The fruit is destemmed directly into French oak barrels and stainless steel tanks for fermentation and maceration, allowing optimal extraction of flavor and color from the skins, seeds, and pulp. After the fermentation is complete, and we feel that the tannins have reached the perfect point at which to begin elevage, we remove the free-run wine from the skins and seeds by gravity and put it into a combination of new and one year old French oak barrels. To provide added depth and extract the fruit's particular sense of place, we employ a gentle pressing of the grapes, giving us a potion of pressed wine, which is also stored and used for the final blend.

Once the wine is in barrel, the process of elevage begins. The wine is stirred and topped regularly to build a smooth and rich mid-palate. The wine is racked once off the lees for clarity and then only once again for bottling. During elevage, we continually barrel taste from each French oak barrel, evaluating the effect of the wood and the development of the flavor and mouthfeel of the wine. After about a year and a half to two years in barrel, the wine is then bottled unfined and unfiltered.